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AI Enabled Customs Declarations

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AiDock Ltd. has developed customs compliance tools and capabilities that simplify and streamline the customs management process. Their platform provides a virtual workforce powered by artificial intelligence that helps automate and streamline repetitive and time-consuming tasks across global operations, including customs document processing for freight forwarders and emerging digital platforms serving the freight and customs brokerages industries.

The features of AiDock’s customs compliance tools include the automation of import/export paperwork-related tasks, reducing workload and improving results for courier companies, freight forwarders, postal services, and customs authorities. They use advanced AI technology based on massive databases that evolve and learn with each organization or method, making them unique. They have a neural network that solves the unstructured document analysis problem without creating special filters.

AiDock’s customs compliance tools trivialize a wide range of challenges faced by customers, giving them a substantial advantage in the industry. They free up human employees to focus on strictly human-oriented tasks and transform the entire supply chain industry workflow by reducing the paperwork associated with international shipments.

These features demonstrate how AiDock’s customs compliance tools leverage AI to revolutionize the customs management process, improve efficiency, and enhance customer service.

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